day night restaurant

Day Night Restaurant Pappireddipatti

Day Night Restaurant Pappireddipatti

Day Night Restaurant, First Time in Pappireddipatti, Dharmapuri

NON VEG Restaurant in Pappireddipatti Taluk

day night restaurant pappireddipatti
day night restaurant Pappireddipatti

Restaurant Contains Different variety of Food items like

Biryani Varieties

Chicken Biryani

Egg Biryani

Plain biryani

Fried Rice

Chicken Rice

SZ Chicken Rice

Mushroom Rice

Egg Rice

Side Dish – Varieties


Grill Chicken

Chicken Tandoori

Grilled chicken Tikka

Gobi tikka masala gravy

Gobi tikka

Malai tikka

NAAN Varieties

Plain Naan

Butter Naan



day night restaurant
day night restaurant

Address :

Government arts college entrance,


Tamil Nadu


day night restaurant pappireddipatti contact number Contact Number: 8610236561

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