Happy New Year

About New Year Festival

About New Year Festival

Happy New Year

New Yearcelebrates end of one year and welcome the New Year

New year is celebrated all over the world on 1st January every year like a festival

Festival starts midnight on the last day of the year (December 31)

New year bring us hope ,enthusiasm, excitement and joy .Every New year is the mark of beginning of next revolution of earth around the sun

New Year celebrations in various countries are

Chinese New Year

Islamic New Year

Japanese New Year, and the Jewish New Year

Telugu new year usually falls between March and April, they celebrate it as ugadi in Andhra Pradesh . The first day of Tamil month chithra.

Muslims will celebrate the first day of Muharram as Islamic new year or Hijri New year. The first day of chithirai in tamil calendar is celebrated as Tamil New year

Baisakhi festival is the celebration of the start of Sikh New year. On this day most of the people takes resolutions in their life. People used to remember the important events of the past year.

People celebrate New year with their family, neighbors,friends and share their greet and sweet.


Wish You Happy New Year

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