Tips for Newly Married Indian Bride

  •  Tips for Newly Married Indian Bride

After marriage, Girl enters into a New life and new home too

Responsibilities with a new environment is very difficult because of new family members mindset,

You have entered into new environment and so, you need to get adjusted all

Some Tips for Married Indian Women

1. Spending time with family Members is more important 

2. Avoid using mobile phone when family Members with you

3. Get up early in the morning

4. Support Mother in law  in kitchen and household works

5. Prepare yourself mentally to work for your in-laws,don’t get into an argument or debate with Mother in law

6. Take care of your hubby and other family members is more important

7. Make a habit of taking  one meal together with the entire family

8. Avoid criticising your husband in front of others

9. Find your comfort zone With each others, understand each other well

10.  keep your expectations low

11. Communicate your expectations to your husband whenever you have time because he doesn’t know what you’re feeling

12. Listen to him before passing any comment on him and about other family members

13. You can go with the flow, put  some efforts, show him you care,he will  find it in himself to love you

14. Try to keep your in-laws house neat

15. Very clear to your life partner about each and everything

16. Adjustment is way to keep life happy 


Tips for Newly Married Indian Bride

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