How to Make Husband Happy

How to Make Husband Happy

Different Ways of makes husband happy after marriage

Tips to make happy Husband

  1. Openly discuss anything and everything with love 

  2. Avoid criticising your husband in front of others

  3. Make a habit of taking  one meal together

  4. Communication is key for healthy relation ship

  5. Husband just want everything to be peaceful

  6. Avoid arguing with each other

  7. Always respect your hubby

  8. Understanding the husband  rather than managing 

  9. You must accept them with all their flaws

  10. Honour his mother

  11. Don’t Challenge him when he is angry

  12. Be silent when he is angry avoid arguing

  13. Surprise him with favorite food

  14. Show interest on hubby,Have Consistent Sex

  15. When husband has something to say, you should give him your full attention

  16. Put down your phone,when he talks

  17. Argument leads to a yelling blowout

  18. Avoid conflicts with his parents and siblings

  19. Never raise your voice for any reason to your husband

  20. Make him feel secure

  21. Motivating him and his achievements

Ways to make your partner happy

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