Christmas Festival

Christmas Festival

கிறிஸ்துமஸ் பண்டிகை

Christmas is the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ

Usually Christmas  fall on December 25th

The word Christmas is the joining of 2 words namely ‘Christ’ and ‘mass’ which means the Holy Mass of Christ

Being a Christian festival, Christmas is celebrated by all religious people. People celebrate Christmas across the globe

Christmas  Festival is all about sharing joy and Happiness

Christmas day is declared as World Wild Holiday

It is believed that, the son of god  come to earth to end people suffering and miseries.

On this day, Evergreen Fir trees are used as X-mass tree. people used to decorate tree with candles, lights and toys. Christmas tree is a symbol of Jesus Christ

Churches celebrate the first Christmas mass at midnight

People usually dressed up in Santa Claus and share gifts with their family , friends and Neighbors on this day.

On Christmas day kids wait for the whole year to receive gifts from Santa Claus

People used to go to midnight church with their family and they offer prayers to Jesus. Christmas promote happiness, prosperity among people .


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